Maze Craze - Volume 2, Number 6, Maze 2a:

Tron Game Grid Discs of Tron Maze Answer:

Tron Game Grid Discs of Tron Maze (Answer)
  • Concept: Original Game Tron © 1982 Bally Midway - STAFF: Designed and programmed by John Pasierb, Bill Adams, George Gomez, Atish Ghosh, Earl Vickers, and Tom Leon.
  • Motion Picture Tron © 1981 Walt Disney Productions.
  • Artist: Dana, aka Dad

For my return to the world of Tron I decided to start out with a maze devoted to Discs of Tron. Discs of Tron was a fantastic arcade game and cabinet. I remember playing it extensively one afternoon in the arcade in the old, beautiful location of Elitch Gardens before they moved the park and ruined it. I ignored the rides at the park all day in favor of this fantastic game! I'm certain I did this maze alone, and later decided to add the other four screens from the arcade game, with this maze serving as replacement for the "I/O Tower" screen of the original Tron arcade game. Enjoy!