Maze Craze - Volume 2, Number 6, Maze 2b:

Tron Game Grid Light Cycles Maze:

Tron Game Grid Light Cycles Maze
  • Concept: Original Game Tron © 1982 Bally Midway - STAFF: Designed and programmed by John Pasierb, Bill Adams, George Gomez, Atish Ghosh, Earl Vickers, and Tom Leon.
  • Motion Picture Tron © 1981 Walt Disney Productions.
  • Artist: Dana, aka Dad

The Tron arcade game's light cycle screen was very much defined by the right angles you could achieve with the cabinet's directional joystick. For this maze, I went with a broader variety of directions, more like the light cycle scene from the movie itself, complete with a break in the wall through which you can make your escape at the finish.