Maze Books Made by Dad When He Was a Kid:


From 1983 to 1986 a friend and I made a series of maze books based on games or movies that caught our fancy at the time.

Maze Craze #201

Book Number 1

1983, ladies and gentlemen!

Maze Craze - Centipede


  • Centipede
  • This simple maze's movement mimics the frantic back and forth dashing of the player in the actual game.
  • Star Wars - Exhaust Port
  • Not really a maze, this blind multiple choice "puzzle" was inspired by the most stressful single moment for me in the 1983 arcade game.
  • Time Pilot
  • This tribute to the 1982 button-masher Time Pilot meandered from the source material by featuring impassable clouds and the goal of fetching the time tape to fix the ripped time barrier (how convenient!).
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Volume II started out with a lot of sequels, and this maze is no exception. This maze stayed a little too close to its source material.
Maze Craze - Tomb of the Pharoah
  • Tomb of the Pharoah
  • One of my few originally-themed mazes, this maze relies on the deception of shaded "illusory" items to present both false leads and escapes. In my mind's eye, it plays out like a side-scrolling platform game.
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • This is the first "multi-maze" I developed, which basically includes many different styles of mazes linked in a path together. At the end, you have to pick which platform is Cloud City, for some reason. Maze Craze - Ms. Pac-Man
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • This very-cleared-laid-out-with-a-ruler maze strays pretty far from its source material, but what the hey.
  • Defender
  • Imagine a side-scrolling prelude to the arcade game, wherein the pilot must race through a compound to his craft, and you have the thrust of this maze. This was really more of a sidescroller in search of an identity.
  • Tron 2
  • Tron, it appears, can also be translated to a side-scrolling "maze" in this sequel (Tron 1 was part of Volume 1). The different zone defenses work much like rock, paper, scissors.
Maze Craze - Tron #2

Making Mazes at Childhood's End

You'll hopefully get a look at some of the worthy, surviving remnants of Volume 1 of Maze Craze at some point. My friend and I would "test run" our mazes on each other--build them throughout the week and then referree for each other's attempts to solve them on the weekend.

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